Adrien Wald

A.k.a. MrLowLevel

Building and exploring in the generative AI space.

London, United Kingdom

Products I'm working on


CoLoop is the AI copilot for qualitative researchers.

Users upload raw transcript or audio / video files to CoLoop. CoLoop uses AI to convert these into structured transcripts, which are made available for analysis through a powerful ChatGPT-like interface, as well as an AI-automated analysis grid.

CoLoop is currently in private beta.



Genei is VSCode for AI-augmented academic research.

Users upload PDFs and webpages to Genei, which in turn generates summaries, extracts figures and keywords, and makes all contents queryable through a powerful neural search engine that enables semantic search, question answering, and multi-document summarisation.

Genei additionally boasts a feature-rich text editor with AI-powered writing assistance that tightly integrates with the material users have uploaded.